Personalized. Customized. Innovative.



In the next years following the pandemic, employees across industries are looking for something different.  

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Innovative 


A simple twist to an age-old difficulty is where innovative solutions are born.

New teacher support programs should be a stepping stone for growth – We want to own them.

  • We believe that personalized instructional models is the future of new teacher on-boarding. 

  • We want to take the burden of improving the new teachers’ instructional planning from schools, so that leadership can spend time on more pressing priorities

  • We desire to be most trusted source of instructional on-boarding for new teachers of principals world-wide

Individualized Instructional Identity, ie. “Their Way” 

  • 80% of a teacher’s time is spent in a self-designed instructional model, or more commonly spoke- “Their Way.” The I3 is a visualization of instructional habits and routines that represent an idealized rhythm in a classroom. The way they transition, speak, model, instruct, use humor, ect.. is individual to a teacher, and is developed over time.  

  • We want new teachers to define their own “Way” in black and white, over long periods of time, and to be in line with veteran, evidenced-based techniques.

  • Each instructional model is based the initial strengths of each teacher, paired with foundational evidenced-based strategies. 

  • It is unfair to ask a new teacher to develop a model from scratch.  We start by using master models and deconstruct each aspect of the instructional plan. 

Something to React to and Build Upon

  • Each teacher will be paired with a coach that reviews their Individual Instructional Model and together set quarterly goals for growth

  • From August to June, coaches will continue to meet with teachers and support their movement towards goals.

  • Meetings with coaches can take many forms – half hour check ins, hour-long deep dives, preparation for a formal observation, reviews of unit plans they have send, feedback on a video lesson snippet, or pretty much whatever is needed to meet personal goals.

  • We will additionally offer specific instructional trainings throughout the year that reflect the needs of the new teachers in our program

Connection Back to Principals

  • Principals can feel in good hands knowing that we are working one on one with their new teachers and working with a concrete plan

  • Monthly feedback reporting from our coaches keeps principals informed and in connection with their teachers

  • Our feedback is principal ready.  That means that a principal can quickly be equipped with key questions and goal overviews so that they can be an active partner in a teacher’s growth

  • We are adaptive.  We will model around your vision and create a tailored program for you.

Fair Play Model and Pricing Quotes

We find it unacceptable that some educators have more resources at their disposal than others. We aspire to take 50% of our final profits and provide discounted or free services to teachers in need.



We create a customized pricing proposal that works for you. Most things in life are negotiable.  Access to quality instructional support should not be exclusive.  We are open to conversations about what is fair for each person or group.