Personalized. Customized. Innovative.




By design, we use technology to be available to you when you are ready.

When you are thinking about instructional planning, we do our best to be on your schedule. 

Whether you are an individual or a group of new teachers, we will tailor our conversation, coaching or program to suit your needs.



The Best Gift for a Professional to Give Themselves

 Let’s be frank, new teachers enter almost the same job as 20 year veterans.  Sit side by side to create an Individualized Instructional Model. How about starting a career with a caring, quality coach in your corner?



Fair Play Model and Pricing for Teacher Coaching

We believe that help does not have to cost and arm and a leg. Most things in life are negotiable.  Access to quality instructional support should not be exclusive.  We are open to conversations about what is fair for each person or group. 

We find it unacceptable that some educators have more resources at their disposal than others. As a result, you pay what you think is fair.  And that is the bottom line.

** Lesson Reviews are designed for personal individual feedback only in oral form. We do not engage, disclose, or dialogue with any third party regarding these feedback sessions nor as an independent arbiter. We will not engage in any workplace related disputes nor discussions during nor after.